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Topic: Giga 3 Full mix potential?

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    Giga 3 Full mix potential?

    Like most Giga fans I eagerly await Giga 3. Can someone (Dave perhaps) please shed light on what other effects/processors/eq/etc, this wonderful new system has, other than reverb? Also, how do Tascam intend policing use of Giga 3? Is it like Logic, a dongle or some other form of security?

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    Re: Giga 3 Full mix potential?

    I think there\'s a new EQ and a compressor as well.

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    Re: Giga 3 Full mix potential?

    The GigaPulse is the giant new feature as far as effects go and it will even come with some programs from some expensive effects units and other things that will be on sale. They can even model high end mixing board channel strips for that fat sound. Anyway, every channel also has the Tascam dynamics and parametric EQ that can be enabled per channel as needed. Then, there are still the original NFX effects and of course now VST plugin support for effects. Hopefully they will bundle some VST effects. Anyway, if you have any VST effect plugins on hand, Giga will see them. Some people will be using stand alone Giga 3 systems as nothing but huge effects units.


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    Re: Giga 3 Full mix potential?

    Very interesting. Looking forward to checking the system out. Thanks for the info.

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