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Topic: Gigastudio VST Wrapper!?

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    Gigastudio VST Wrapper!?

    I\'ve been reading a lot about this Giga VST wrapper in development and I\'m to understand that once this product is released I can open Gigastudio as a Plug-in within Cubase. And once that happens, I could use FXTeleport and have several computers help bear the burden with Gigastudio.

    So I have a couple of questions.

    1. Am I to understand that until this VST wrapper comes out FXTeleport won\'t do anything for Gigastudio? Can I use FXTeleport with say Gigastudio and Sibelius (without a VST host), or no?

    2. One of the biggest problems I had to overcome with Gigastudio and Cubase was ASIO and GSIF drivers didn\'t work together. So I don\'t understand how this wrapper would even work. Any explanation would help.

    3. When is this VST wrapper going to be released?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Gigastudio VST Wrapper!?

    NI will develop it the VST wrapper, but call it an \'AU\', so it will work on the Mac...

    Dasher (just kidding, not trying to stir up rouble)

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    Re: Gigastudio VST Wrapper!?

    1) Yes. You can use GS and Sibelius now. No need of FXT.

    2&3) Do a search in the Sample form. There’s been a lot of discussion there in the past

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