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Topic: looping in giga format

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    looping in giga format

    I have some wave files that I have looped using Zero-X Seamless Looper. Some of the waves a loops from begining to end, some have just a portion looped. I want to build an instrument for Gigastudio using the looped sounds. If I use the waves that have just a portion looped what do I have to do so that Gigastudio knows to start the sample at the beginning, play the looped portion until I let up the key, and then use the natural release that is part of the original wave file?

    Are there any tutorials on doing this?


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    Re: looping in giga format

    Just import them into the editor and map them out. They should work out of the box if Giga sees the loops.

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    Re: looping in giga format

    Thanks, Dave!


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