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Topic: Global reverb

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    Global reverb

    When I add reverb in GS, I go into the DSP and add it to each output. But when I get a big group of instruments going, it starts to sound very muddy if they each have reverb applied separately. How do I add reverb globally to everything at once, instead of to each instrument/output?


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    Re: Global reverb

    Click over on the Aux Busses tab, and setup the Reverb there. Then on the Inputs tab, click the Aux number that you used, so it turns green, and set the send level just to the right.

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    Re: Global reverb

    Oh yeah, send to it. You don\'t want that many reverbs running at once. In addition to the muddy sound, you use up extra CPU power for each instance. Thats the whole point of aux busses and sends in the mixing world, to allow you to share one effect with several channels while allowing a custom amount for each channel.

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