Now that I got my new GS 160 to work OK, I\'m ready to spend zillion bucks on sound libraries. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

Could you recommend some libraries to me given the following specifications:

1. General MIDI. I need one/two libraries that could have a comprehensive set of various instruments (like you can find in sample players). Not extremely good quality, but compressed, with a variety of sounds to have something to start with. Currently I just have what you get with the GS 160 which is not much, although not bad in quality.

Should I just get some E-mu or Akai CD\'s and convert them into GS format? Did anyone try this? Is it good? Can you get similar quality with GS (e.g. same kind of filtering, etc.?) This could probably be a separate topic on its own. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

2. I need the best possible Piano. I\'m a pianist. I play both classical and jazz music. I need something exceptional. I can\'t tolerate layered sounds with bad velocity thresholds, artificial resonances, etc. I need perfection! It has to feel real under the fingers! Alesis QS8 is a good keyboard. Not perfect, but good. I need a piano sound that will not take forever to adjust and calibrate for resonable response to velocity. Is it the Holy Grail, or Stainway D, or Bosendorfer 290? I could read a lot of marketing \"stuff\" on these. I\'ve heard demos, but I\'m not sure if they are for real or how much effort was to create such demos? Please, tell me your experiences with these pianos.

3. I need several libraries for jazz band (acoustic) and fusion band (electric). I need upright bass, fretless bass, acoustic guitars, electric guitars (Pat Matheny style), drums (should it be Steve Gadd or Peter Erskine?). I prefer sound of Eberhard Weber (upright bass), Charlie Haden (upright bass), Jaco Pastorius, Jack DeJohnette (drums), Miles Davis (muted trumpet), Jan Garbarek (sax), Wayne Shorter (sax), Gary Burton (vibes).

4. I need ethnic/world instruments with various flutes and percussions.

5. I need symphonic instruments (woodwinds, brass, strings, both solo and as a section).

Please tell me your experiences, recommendations, what you liked and what you didn\'t like about libraries you used. What was price/performance, etc.?