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Topic: GS Hanging

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    GS Hanging

    I\'m quite new to Gigastudio. I\'ve recently installed it, and then put a load of samples, many of which were free at Worrasplace and Gtown, in my Gigasamples folder on the other harddrive.

    Now whenever I try to start GS it starts trying to rebuild the instrument database, and keeps hanging on one of the free instruments. I\'ve tried removing the offending instrument from my machine, but GS still tries to add it to its database, and never gets as far as opening the application.

    Is this a common problem? Is it because the sample in question is defective? If so then I could reinstall GS and not attempt to install that particular sample again, but if it\'s going to turn out the problem is actually with GS then I\'m not sure what to do.

    Please help


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    Re: GS Hanging

    You may need to completely empty your recycle bin, as if memory serves, Giga will look in there as well.


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