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Topic: Installation problem

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    Installation problem

    I\'m reinstalling GigaStudio 96 on my new computer but keep getting the following error message:

    Failed to install the following file(s):
    C:\\Program Files\\NemeSys\\GStudio\\Components\\SConv.Dll
    C:\\Program Files\\NemeSys\\GStudio\\Components\\Aconv.Dll
    C:\\Program Files\\NemeSys\\GStudio\\Components\\NFX1.Dll

    Anybody know what I can do?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Installation problem

    Not sure about your those specific errors but are you upgrading from W98 to XP or W2K? If so, you will need a different version of GS. Check out this thread (see Kevin\'s comments):


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    Re: Installation problem

    Ah...thanks a million.

    Yeah, I\'m moving to XP from 98SE.


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    Re: Installation problem

    Rats. That link is broken...


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    Re: Installation problem

    Originally posted by JerryPettit:
    Rats. That link is broken...

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Jerry,

    1. Download version 2.5:

    2. Register

    3. Download the latest version 2.54.00.

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    Re: Installation problem

    Thanks for your help, but I\'m still not getting anything with those links...


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    Re: Installation problem

    Sorry Jerry. Here is the GS download page at Tascam. http://www.tascamgiga.com/updates.php You\'ll find everything you need there.

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    Re: Installation problem

    Yes, I had found that site.

    Again...the links don\'t work.

    Thanks anyway.


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    Re: Installation problem

    Links work now!!



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