Hi guys

I\'m new to these forums, so let me start off by saying that they are \'wicked pissah\' (I\'m a Bostonian). With that said, onto my problem:

I have gigastudio 2.54 and my sequencer is Sonar 3.0 Producer. I also use GPO\'s DXi - is there a way for me to export all the audio at the same time? That is, after I sequence something using DXi and gigastudio samples, is there a way to export all the audio? If I capture audio from within giga, I only get the sounds that are coming from gigastudio. If I export audio from Sonar, I only get the DXi\'s / imported wav\'s, etc. - only the sounds from within Sonar.

There must be a work around for this without having to capture audio from giga, then pain stakingly import it into sonar, align it with the midi, and hope it\'s all balanced!

I\'ve checked the giga manual, gpo manual, sonar manual, 1 other forum, and I\'ve written a letter to NI *sigh. I hope I just missed something along the way.

Thanks for your time!

- Junkmonkey