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Topic: How to load more than 16 instruments

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    How to load more than 16 instruments

    since I answered some posts here concerning instruments I´d like to give the following general hint to everybody, who did not know it before:

    With Windows explorer you can load more than 16 instruments:

    1. Reset GS

    2. In Windows explorer mark a number of instruments using (+shift) (+ctrl) mouse

    3. Drag and drop them onto a channel

    4. You can repeat this with other channels

    5. Save the performance. The next load will load everything.

    6. All your program numbers in all loaded instruments have to be unique and to range from 0-127.

    7. BANK switching does NOT work with GS (a nasty bug)

    8. Doing so any program is accessible from any channel through program changes. It does not matter into which channel you loaded them

    9. Do NOT use the LEVELS. Program changes do not work correctly with the levels. (I have not found any use for the levels yet).

    I hope that I am not boring you with this hint and that there is only one single sequencer user out there who is happy for these hints.


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    Re: How to load more than 16 instruments

    Hello Horst,

    You\'re not boring me at all; it is always very helpful to read other user\'s hints, and I appreciate it very much. Thanks.


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    Re: How to load more than 16 instruments

    To use Levels, you have to attenuate all but the instrument you want at the time, rather than using program change commands. The attenuated instrument is still using up polyphony, though. I don’t really see the point either.

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