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Topic: Turn-key systems

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    Turn-key systems

    Hello all!

    What is the consensus on the best of the turn-key systems available for Giga Studio? Important features to me are, customer service, tech support, and (being a windows dummy) ease of use. Also, what\'s the best and most reasonably priced audio/midi interface with dual lightpipe and at least two midi ports? Thanks alot everyone. Much appreciated.


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    Re: Turn-key systems

    Truespec (Peter Alexander)

    Rainbow guitars/ZIPR (Craig Segal)
    csiegel@qwest.net (520) 721-4611

    and there is guy whose contact info I am missing that Tascam used to configure their systems. Check with Tascam to find him.

    And, the super genius at Coyote Research.

    These are the guys I would start with and see what works best for you. They all know their way around Giga configurations.


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    Re: Turn-key systems

    We custom build PC\'s for Gigastudio and can build you a system ready for Giga 3.0

    Check us out:


    Please let me know if you have any questions.



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