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Topic: Giga 3 vs Kontakt for my home piano

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    Giga 3 vs Kontakt for my home piano

    I have a Roland A90ex that I would like to use as a controller with either G3 or K. My main purpose is to have an expressive and good sounding piano to play--for my own enjoyment for dabbling with recording and sequencing. I have no personal experience with either, but was sold when listening to purgatorycreek.com\'s mp3\'s of the various sampler-based pianos, versus my trusty A90ex.

    Which platform will get me THE BEST piano samples to choose from? I guess a GSIF card is need to G3, whereas maybe not for K.

    And perhaps a better question, from your experience, do you think the vast majority of players would prefer playing a fully sampled piano over the 16mb Roland, or is this really rather subjective, and a matter of taste? I certainly don\'t want to put all the $$ up for G3 or another software sample based piano if it\'s really not much better--to play, that is


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    Re: Giga 3 vs Kontakt for my home piano

    The Giga sized pianos when done right simply stomp the life out of any 16 meg piano. They can offer you unlooped full sustains, chromatic samples of 8 velocities, pedal up and down, release tails for the resonance etc.. No comparison.

    Giga 3.0 when it comes out will offer some of the best piano features. they use the impulse response system to capture the acoustic resonance of the piano and the pedal controls that, they got the bottom velocity silent samples, pedal noise up & downs, release of dampers etc. For the ultimate, Giga 3 will be real cool. Kontakt will play back the current crop of piano samples just fine and be a vast improvment over any ram based piano samples.


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