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Topic: Users: here's a chance to kvetch & rave!

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    Users: here\'s a chance to kvetch & rave!

    I\'m a composer in the Bay Area who\'s mainly a Finale user: I write music with Finale & hand the parts to actual musicans. Old-fashioned, I know. I\'ve recently invested in a sampler, and am also looking at Gigastudio, with two aims:

    1) I want to make better sounding demos than I can with my Proteus & Virtuoso modules

    2) I want to expand the sound-pallet that I use for composing (and live performance).

    So, first a general question: has Gigastudio been a pain-in-the-butt? Have you spent many unpleasant hours trying get it to do what it is supposed to do? I am trying to avoid inviting myself into a world of hurt.

    I understand it is best to dedicate a PC to it to avoid problems & am ready to do that. But I want to hear from real users & find out what the frustration-level is.

    Secondly, are there any Finale-users out there? I\'d like to know what protocol you are using for assigning staves to sounds. I use the expression-assign tool in Finale to assign notes on staves to sounds in my module. Is there a user-friendly way to do this with Gigastudio?

    And, finally, how has it worked out for you folks with orchestral leanings? Have you found really great sound libraries without breaking the bank? I\'m looking at the Misoslav Vitous CD collection & wondering if I really need to invest 2500. to get a first-class orchestral library.

    Realy appreciate your input on all this!

    Clark Suprynowicz
    Oakland, Ca. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Users: here\'s a chance to kvetch & rave!


    I just got Gigastudio myself about a week ago and had some of the same concerns as you, they were addressed here: http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=2;t=005435

    If you don\'t feel like reading through it all (although I hope you will, there are a lot of good replys from everyday users) here is the short and skinny:

    Installation, no headache.
    Registration, no headache.
    Using with my libs, no headache...

    okay, but there is no way I am going to be able to control it with my sequencer (like you would do with Finale) and have everything run correctly, right?

    well, Running with Cubase, no headache.

    I was shocked... still am a little, but it all works fine, all of it being controlled from an external sequencer and I didn\'t have to spend five days configuring it, or even five hours, it was very fast, from installation to using with Cubase in about two hours...

    So, as fearful as I was about GigaStudio, I personally haven\'t had any problems. I know others here have, and I hope they post and let you know what was specific to their problem to help you avoid it.

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    Re: Users: here\'s a chance to kvetch & rave!

    Are you sure about Miraslov? I don\'t want to start a battle, but I think you should look at the VSL first edition or maybe EW/QL Symphonic Orchestra. Miraslov is starting to show its age. VSL Opus edition and EW/QL Gold edition are less than half of the cost of Miraslov and most people would agree that they are a better investment. However, EW libraries are not on Giga, so these may be a mute point depending on how you feel about Native Instrument products. Check out the demos and decide for yourself.

    East West Quantum Leap

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    Re: Users: here\'s a chance to kvetch & rave!

    Giga and Finale work well together on one machine. Depending on how large your compositions are and which libraries you use, one instance of Giga may not be enough.

    You can control Giga with non-printing score expressions. That’s what I use..

    The main thing to remember is how much more work it is to craft an authentic performance with a high quality sound library. You have control over every aspect of the way a note is played, and you need to use it.

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    Re: Users: here\'s a chance to kvetch & rave!

    Thank you very much for your note(s). I did scan through the mail that Alan\'s inquiry attracted (he had some of my concerns some months back). The postings are really informative, though they lead to more questions, of course ...

    I am a MAC user & I\'m learning ProTools. Can you tell me, if it\'s not too much trouble (10 words\'ll do) why I need Cubase? I am a neophyte in the PC / Gigastudio world.

    I\'ve been told Gigastudio can run inside of ProTools. Is Cubase just an alternative for those who want to use an audio aditing program?

    Can I run Gigastudio & Gigastudio only, as a way to generate sounds for my Finale MIDI playback?

    Next question: \"Halion.\" What\'s that, and why might I want it?

    Great to get some guidance on orchestral libraries. I know there are many opinions out there on that topic & all of \'em are welcome.

    I\'m still hoping to hear from more Finale users, but I am glad to hear that at least one person out there has found that Finale can talk to Gigastudio easily. If you have a minute, tell me what protocol has worked for you - not only the ancellary hardware & software you have found useful, but how you negotiated the basic issue of what to type into the expression tool to call up the sound that you wish to assign. This is the sort of thing I have stumbled on before - there just don\'t seem to be that many people who know how to cope with putting Finale (on a MAC) together with any kind of sophisticated MIDI playback.

    By the way, the number of tracks on my version of Finale ( 2000c ) is limited to 16. So that\'s seem to be the first & most glaring case of a mismatch in what these two programs are set up to do.

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    Re: Users: here\'s a chance to kvetch & rave!

    Of course, I forgot to mention Garritan Personal Orchestra. Its a tenth the price of Miraslov and worth considering. Most would say it can\'t compete with VSL and Symphonic Orchestra for production, but as a sketchpad for handing to live players it works great. And it plays fairly well with Finale from what the users say.

    Garritan Personal Orchestra

    Hey, I had to plug it, since I use it [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Users: here\'s a chance to kvetch & rave!


    I\'m using Finale (on PC), but only as a \"composer\" tool. I.e. during the compositional process I let Finale control e.g. Gigastudio or other sound units using basic sounds, so I get a feeling how the final result should sound.

    When I want to actually produce a better sounding version, I do that using Cubase (or Protools in your case). Cubase and Protools are made for this kind of task, Finale is not. Of course, if it would suffice for me to only get a feeling how the composition sounds like, I wouldn\'t need Cubase/Protools.

    In principle, if you have Protools, you don\'t need Cubase, since they perform basically the same tasks. There could be reasons why you\'d prefer one of them, but that\'s another story...

    Protools (Cubase, Finale ,...) control Gigastudio using MIDI.

    Halion is another softsampler, from Steinberg. Other soft samplers include Kontakt from Native Instruments. All samplers have their pros and cons. You\'ll find lots of heated debates on that issue all over the internet... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] A good starting point is to decide which libraries you want. Some libraries include a player, e.g. the latest libraries from EWQL.

    The number of MIDI channels in Finale is more than 16. In the MIDI setup menu you\'ll find 8 MIDI out ports, i.e. 128 channels.



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