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Topic: giga and sonar

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    giga and sonar

    Ok, here\'s what I have: AMD Athlon 2.6G, Asus A7N8X Motherboard, 512M Ram, 2-80gig harddrives both set to master, Aardvark Aark24 soundcard with 10 ins and outs, WinXP, Gigastudio 2.5 and Sonar 2.2. I have tweaked the OS in a separate profile for audio (no services). PROBLEM: I have 5 tracks of midi recorded. When I attempt to record a vocal or audio track on track 6, the playback slows down to a trickle. I can record an unlimited number of audio only tracks but as soon as I try to record or even monitor audio with midi I\'m screwed! Are ther any hardware/software conflicts that I missed? Are my settings off? Latency? Anybody experience this problem? Thanks!

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    Re: giga and sonar

    rodge, by \"as soon as I monitor MIDI\" I assume you mean running audio tracks and MIDI through giga simultaneously?

    1.) Your problem sounds like a \"multi-client audio driver\" problem. I.e., the aardvark may not support multi-client. Try to find out if the aark24 drivers support multi-client access.

    2.) You could simply be asking both giga and sonar to use the same audio device (i.e. channel pair). this is easy to fix. In Sonar go to the audio devices section and ONLY select say 1/2 IN and 1/2 OUT pairs. Then go to Giga and ONLY select, say, the 3/4 OUT pair. If 1/2 is also selected in giga, then unselect it -- you can\'t use the same device (pair) in two different driver modes at the same time from two different apps. If that solves it then you can take it from there -- you can use as many IN/OUT as you want as long as the apps don\'t try to use the same ones.

    3.) If you\'re using ASIO drivers in Sonar, then don\'t. Try WDM KS drivers instead if your card has them. If not, use MME just for kicks to see if the problem goes away, then you know it\'s a GSIF/ASIO multi-client issue with their drivers (I had this with an STAudio C-Port).

    Hmmm, that\'s all I can think of right now, but that should give you a couple of leads... Oh yeah, one more thing, I remember reading a while back on the aardvark site about potential chipset incompatibilities. Let me see if I can dig up that page...

    Oh well, I only found it on the direct pro tech support page. The aark24 page is no longer available. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]


    - Keith

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