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Topic: Tuning and mapping questions

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    Tuning and mapping questions

    Can somebody please explain to me what I need to do to reproam a poorly tuned and mapped GIGA instrument that I have.

    I have tried with both GIGA AND Awave, but I can\'t get the notes to be either placed on the correct key, or to tune properly.

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Ben H

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    Re: Tuning and mapping questions

    Hello Ben,

    You can do the tuning/unity adjustments in the instrument editor. One thing to look at first is to see if the defined note regions are chromatic or not. Often an instrument that uses samples for multiple pitches will have a single note region. Therefore any adjustment made to that region\'s assigned sample will affect all the notes within that region.

    If the instrument has chromatic regions, then you can change each of the regions individually (unity note, fine tuning) and it will only affect that note region, even if the sample is being stretched across multiple notes on the keyboard.

    If you have an instrument that is not chromatically sampled, and it does not have note regions defined every half step, just run the wizard tool and define the range of the intrument as it is presently mapped out. Then check the box that says \"create note regions every 1 half steps\" and do NOT check the \"ignore unity notes\" option.

    At this point, when you proceed, you will get a warning that you have overlapping regions and this means that you are replacing the existing regions with your new set of chromatic note regions, so click OK.

    Now you have a note region for every note of the instrument\'s range. At this point, I\'d recommend using the drag-tools (blue balls) for fine tuning adjustment. This should facilitate tuning your instrument fairly quickly.

    Don\'t forget to save and load. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Have fun,

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    Re: Tuning and mapping questions

    Thanks Kevin,

    I have assigned the root keys and all and everything is good except for 2 notes on the last layer.

    The regions are right, the root note is right, and the tuning is right but for some reason the notes are playing wrong, almost out of tune.

    But I don\'t know what the problem is and why it\'s only affecting these 2 notes.

    Any ideas?

    Ben H

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    Re: Tuning and mapping questions

    The fine tuning might be off a lot perhaps.

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    Re: Tuning and mapping questions

    Originally posted by David Govett:
    The fine tuning might be off a lot perhaps.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yes that was it thanks.

    Ben H

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