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Topic: GigaPulse/GigaStudio Question

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    GigaPulse/GigaStudio Question

    Am I right in hearing that the version of GigaPulse that comes included in GigaStudio v3-Orchestra only works inside Giga? That is why they are selling a VST version of it also, so that you can use GigaPulse on any audio.

    However, according to the broucher, it says GigaStudio can now have up to eight audio tracks, so is it just me or is GigaPulse VST useless, as you can just import your dry audio into GigaStudio, apply the GigaPulse that comes included in v3-Orchestra and render it out that way?

    Am I missing something here?

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    Re: GigaPulse/GigaStudio Question

    First of all, a correction on that brochure. It mentions 8 channels of realtime input but its actually up to 32 so even better.

    Anyway, it depends on how someone wants to work. There are some people believe it or not that will not be getting GigaStudio 3.0 so the VST plugin version will be a good product for them to consider at the very least. Also, there is the convienience factor of VST plugins that many people will be interested in.

    The GigaStudio can be used as a real good stand alone DSP machine and can handle those 32 realtime inputs for external sources. This is a great option for maximum horsepower. Some studios plan to dedicate a number of machines to nothing but GigaPulse GigaStudios just for processing. Also, the built in version is the ideal way to work with some samples that use the GigaPulse intimately with the instruments. (The only option actually) For example, built in body resonance of pianos or other acoustic instruments that are built into the instrument performance.

    The nice thing about the VST version is having it right at your finger tips inside your sequencer.

    So, it depends on how someone wants to work.


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    Re: GigaPulse/GigaStudio Question

    Thanks Dave,

    So if I import my dry audio from Cubase SX and place it in sync with the samples being played from GigaStudio I can mix them down as one using the included GigaPulse, correct?

    Also, are you able to place those 32 audio tracks anywhere in the virtual \'room\' like you can with the sample channels? Again, can you do this right beside the sample channels?

    If so, that sounds like it would be perfect!

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    Re: GigaPulse/GigaStudio Question

    Not quite. Just pretend that the GigaSTudio 3.0 computer (with up to 32 inputs depending on the soundcard and GSIF-2 drivers) is a stand alone digital mixing board. Run your audio of any sort (microphone, synths, audio tracks whatever) into any of these 32 inputs (or how ever many you have on the audio card) and it plugs into the GigaStudio DSP mixer. From there you can run that audio through any of the Giga effects, including VST plugins or the native GigaPulse. All this along side any samples that might be playing if you like. So basically, the GigaStudio could litterally become a 32 input mixing board and GigaPulse would be one of the boards effects. Keep in mind that this bi-directional capability will need GSIF-2 drivers. GSIF-1 (the current drivers out now) will allow the GigaStudio to play back but not allow audio in.
    Anyway, its just extra cool stuff Giga can do if you need it. Of course, if you have a good hard disk sequencing environment, you can of course do all that there very convieniently and if you wanted GigaPulse in that environment, then that is what the VST standalone version would be used for.

    Hope that clarifies it a bit.

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    Re: GigaPulse/GigaStudio Question

    1) The only step missing is VSTi hosting. Then I could sequence in my sequencer and keep all of my sounds in Giga 3. What would really be cool (but probably not possible) would be to have Atmosphere as a VSTi in Giga 3 able to use Giga\'s disk streaming (unless someone creates a nice USB .dat-to-gig translator). But, that\'s probably just dreaming.
    Nonetheless, VSTi hosting would be welcome. It would be better than running VStack or something else alongside Giga, especially when only one or two VSTis are needed.

    2) How will the mixing environment be in Giga 3? I love the flexible bussing structure of SONAR 3, but if I could use Giga for hard disk recording instead, it might be more convenient.

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