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Topic: Question about gigaeditor

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    Question about gigaeditor


    I have no experience with the gigaeditor whatsoever, but here\'s the question:

    How do I make a pianosample use only the pedal down samples? I think this could give some pianos a more intimate sound (think Artvista Malmsjö) and also save a lot of memory. I want to test this out on the vintaudio yamaha C7 and the white grand (demo). They both use several .gigs and 3/4 ports at once.

    I appreciate any help! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Question about gigaeditor

    You would need to learn more about the editor a bit. What you would do is delete the pedal down dimension on all the notes that have pedal down samples and then save the .gig file. At that point, only the pedal up samples would play but the sustain pedal would simply sustain these samples instead of switching the samples.

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