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Topic: Optimising Windows for Giga

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    Optimising Windows for Giga

    Anyone tried XPlite? I\'ve been using 98lite for my Giga PC for years - freed up my system resources dramatically, not to mention making my Windows ME extremely stable after removing all those unwanted integrated Windows Explorer stuffs. I\'m thinking of finally upgrading to Windows XP when I upgrade to GS3. Just wondering if XPlite for Windows XP works as well or better than 98lite for Windows 9x. Anyone tried it yet?

    Here\'s the link

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    Re: Optimising Windows for Giga

    Cheez, I\'m not responding directly to your question- the software sounds like it would be of great help, but-

    Be wary of switching to XP if you have an Echoaudio card in your computer. I have tried Darla20 and Mia and neither work with gigastudio on my computer. This is an anomaly that others have encountered here (with regard to Mia) and has been widely discussed in threads in this forum. (Many people have had no problems).

    Good luck-

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    Re: Optimising Windows for Giga

    Haven\'t tried it...in fact I just heard of it...but it sounds great...I do as much of this stuff manually as I can, but this sounds like it could really simplify a lot of stuff.

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