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Topic: Controlling the GS computer

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    Controlling the GS computer

    I\'m wondering if there is a way that I can control my dedicated GS computer from my main DAW computer? I hate having to get up from the chair everytime I need to load a new sample or change anything (lazy me). Is it possible to control other computers in a network? What about the remote assistance feature in XP? The VST adapter plus fx-teleport will be a solution, but that option isn\'t available yet..

    thanks for any advice! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Controlling the GS computer


    check out realvnc beta version 4.


    It\'s for free too ...


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    Re: Controlling the GS computer

    Yes! Thanks JVB, I\'ll take a look! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Controlling the GS computer

    The built-in Remote Desktop in XP works great for this.


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    Re: Controlling the GS computer

    I don\'t know much more resources these feature
    will suck from the computer. Is slowing down the
    computer a concern here?

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    Re: Controlling the GS computer

    Originally posted by paulamone:
    Is slowing down the
    computer a concern here?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">No.


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    Re: Controlling the GS computer

    Wow, this sure looks interesting!
    I use a Belkin KVM switch for my 4 audio PC\'s and have occasional loss of mouse control. Is this tool really a solid alternative? If you control 3 remote PC\'s from your DAW, does it really not incur any serious CPU load for the DAW?

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    Re: Controlling the GS computer


    I\'d imagine using it across that many PCs could cause serious bandwidth problems.

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    Re: Controlling the GS computer

    Maybe I can test that, with network monitoring on my DAW and then adding connections...

    GigaStudio indeed does a lot of window \"painting\", which will be trapped by the RealVNC server software (using low level hooks into Windows), so maybe it will use significant system and network resources.

    I just installed it at home to control my old Pentium-1 NT4 email server and it works great! Especially because that machine does not have monitor for itself, hehe.

    So, JVB, thanks for the pointer to this free tool anyway [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Controlling the GS computer

    I can only speak for myself of course, but I do control my 3 Giga/Kontakt/FXTeleport computers from my main DAW with Remote Desktop. I have never had any bandwidth problems with this and I usually have all three windows open (but minimized). My experience is that RD is quite intelligent when it comes to screen updates and it\'s certainly more responsive than VNC and the likes (yes, I have used most of the free and commercial packages available before including some flavors of VNC...). I often do tricks like running RD sessions from within other RD sessions for other purposes and even in those cases I can hardly detect that I\'m remoting the machine when running in full-screen mode. Also, you can create shortcuts to the different machines including logon data on your main DAW. That way you can simply close the RD window in between and open it again with just a click if you feel that you\'d like to optimize the network traffic for some reason.


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