Hello All,
I was just looking through the features of GS 3. It looks like a very nice upgrade indeed.

One thing I don\'t see mentioned is an improved Intsrument Editor which is something of great importance to sound developers and users who do alot of tweaking. Or, is the Editor more combined into the same interface this time around much like in Kontakt?

Personally I\'ve found the Giga Editor in version 2.5 to be quite awkward and not very elegant. I find myself when testing out new samples to go to Kontakt first because it\'s so quick and intuitive. I\'m not flaming GS here .... Kontakt is definitely not without it\'s own problems. It\'s just REAL easy to quickly audition a set of samples in Kontakt for evaluation purposes.

Anyone privy to this aspect of GS 3.... Dave G.- anyone?

thanks for any insight!