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Topic: Logic & Giga

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    Logic & Giga

    Logic & Giga
    Can any one help.
    We use Logic 5.5.1 with Gigastudio, MidiOverLan & Unitor to send MIDI to Gigas.
    All PCs run XP Pro.
    We are moving the Logic PC about, changing hard drives, reinstalling etc.
    Can someone please suggest how we can print out details of MIDI details. What instruments are where. Logic gets mixed up every time we reinstall or move it from one PC to another. i.e. Piano to Giga 1 Port 2 . Logic always remembers the MIDI channel but forgets which Giga and port.
    I just want to print out what is in the Arrange page of Logic in regard to the various Giga instruments and ports and store the settings somewhere.

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    Re: Logic & Giga

    It is a bug in Logic. You have to reset the ports in the environment window.


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    Re: Logic & Giga

    Hi Jeannot
    Can I print my settings out or record them somewhere?

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    Re: Logic & Giga

    Hi Roddy,

    I don\'t think so.


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    Re: Logic & Giga

    You can at least capture the screen of the environment in Logic. That would help a little. From here on out, put everything in a database spread sheet. That has saved my tail. I always adjust the spreadsheet when making changes to the template.

    Check out some of mine if you like

    Also, in GigaStudio, in the loaded instruments window, you can export a text file of the loaded instruments. From what I hear, Logic can read this file somehow to help create a template with instrument names.

    Good luck

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    Re: Logic & Giga

    Thanks David
    With 7 Gigas and more than 400 instruments loaded, you will appreciate the time wasted when a system is lost.

    Thanks for your time once again.

    Roddy McQueen

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