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Topic: How many instruments can I load?

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    How many instruments can I load?

    What determines the number of instruments I can load? RAM? Disk space? GS version? I use GSLE on a 400mHz PII with 128mb RAM.

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    Re: How many instruments can I load?

    RAM is the simple answer. It’s really the number of samples in an instrument that counts, so the complexity of the instrument is also a factor. There’s a chart on the NemeSys web site (in the FAQ I think), that outlines the amount of RAM needed to load various numbers of samples. With 128MBs you can’t, for instance, load the entire AO string section.

    Of course, polyphony is also finite, especially with LE. You may be able to load more than you can actually play at one time.

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    Re: How many instruments can I load?

    Bill is right.
    Another important factor is, wether the instruments are in Mono or in Stereo (divide by 2). A whole orchestra might fit into GS with 256 MB RAM, if you use mono samples. This is also advisable because of polyphony.

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    Re: How many instruments can I load?


    So..if my PC has 256 MB RAM and if I run Cubase in the same machine shall I run out of resources to use all AO Strings?


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    Re: How many instruments can I load?

    Because I\'ve to use AO Strings to finished a new project demo CD this week.

    Thinking of buy a new PC for GS and egosys\' waveterminal


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    Re: How many instruments can I load?

    I dont know about AO strings but clearly, 256MB is a bloody lot if you only use all the orchestral string voices.

    And I am sure the nobody will use all phrases and things. So I´d say that 128MB is ok for all the strings but with 256MB you are on the save side.

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    Re: How many instruments can I load?

    Thanks Horst! But I hear some drop outs and crackles when I used AO String last time and when I try it with cakewalk 9.0 (usually I use Cubase) i even couldn\'t record inside my sequence because it stop (not just drop out) and I had to use many trick to work it out ( like record digitally to my sampler and transfer back to comp), I\'m not sure what\'s going on.

    Thanks anyway.


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