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Topic: Help!!! - Newbie

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    Help!!! - Newbie

    Please help. I\'ve had GS160 for a while now, but I haven\'t used it at all yet, because I haven\'t finished building my sequencer machine; and I don\'t want to corrupt my Gigamachine with MIDI loopback programs or sequencers that I\'m not going to leave on it.

    So Gigastudio has simply sat dormant since I installed it. I opened it a few times and used the virtual keyboard to check things were working. Everything was fine. Then one time I opened it up and got an error message saying \"The endless wave drivers failed to initialize. Try reinstalling GS160.\" I thought I knew why this happened. I\'d installed a Win98 copy of GRM Tools, which turned out to *really* not like WinXP, so I\'d also uninstalled it. I thought maybe this had corrupted something, or replaced a file used by GS160 with an older version. So I uninstalled and reinstalled GS160.

    Everything was fine again. I rebooted the machine a few times, making sure that GS160 worked each time. Since then I\'ve changed nothing at all. Yet today, when I tried starting GS160, in order to register it, I got the same error message, and had to reinstall it again.

    So what the hell is an endless wave driver, and why are they suddenly failing to load?

    My system is as follows:-
    Asus P4C800 motherboard
    P4 3GHz
    2Gb DDR RAM
    2 SATA Hard Drives
    M-Audio Delta 410 soundcard

    I think I do have hyperthreading enabled, which I\'ve heard GS160 doesn\'t like. But the point is that everything was fine, and then suddenly wasn\'t without me changing a thing.

    Please help if you can.

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    Re: Help!!! - Newbie

    You need to wait at least 30 seconds before launching GigaStudio in WinXP. The driver has not finished starting which is causing the error.

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    Re: Help!!! - Newbie

    I have seen a few systems that work perfect as long as the person waits 30 seconds before starting it. My machines don\'t do that so not all XP machines work this way. Please let us know if this works for you.

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    Re: Help!!! - Newbie

    Hi guys,
    sorry it took so long to spot your replies, but my post seemed to just vanish for a while. After looking for it in OT and hardware and just about everywhere it resurfaced here.

    No, waiting 30 seconds doesn\'t help. On the occasions that this has happened I\'ve booted, and then left the machine whilst going to do something on my internet machine, so it had been sitting for quite a while.

    Unfortunately, everything is now working fine, because I did a reinstall, so I can\'t investigate the problem any further. If it happens again I\'ll repost and be more specific about the circumstances.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: Help!!! - Newbie

    You need to wait at least 30 seconds before launching GigaStudio in WinXP. The driver has not finished starting which is causing the error.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">However, Mattias Hennington\'s Giga Load Timer removes the :30 requirement!

    I can\'t find the link...can someone post it?

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