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Topic: GS3 Editor

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    Re: GS3 Editor

    The GigaStudio offers MIDI control of filter parameters. (even the current version) For a smooth crossfade, you can use the mod wheel to control both the crossfade between sample layers and to control the filter cutoff at the same time.

    The parametric EQ you mention is part of the DSP mixer in GigaStudio 3.0. These are not part of the editor though. However, they are automatable and can be part of an instrument performance.


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    Re: GS3 Editor

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the response, though that wasn\'t exactly what I wanted to hear. Oh well, truth beats hype anyday!

    I haven\'t looked inside of the Kontakt editor, but from what I gather the filtering and modulation controls are richer than what GS 2.5 offers.

    I wonder if the MIDI rules will let me apply curves, offsets and gains to continuous controllers? For instance I may want to move a fader from 0-127, yet have a frequency peak start at 1 kHz and move to 2 kHz and at the same time have the peak go from +1 dB to + 4dB. And I\'d like to modulate volume at the same time, but only over a 12dB range using a cosine curve, and...

    This would let a single knob do some really tasty stuff. If I have to coordinate multiple knobs for each item and have each one go linearly from - to + infinity, it will be less useful, or less playable anyway.

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    GS3 Editor

    We\'ve seen the GUI for the GS3 sample engine. We\'ve read the descriptions of the main features, but what of the editor? I\'m sure that we will get a new UI to support Midi Rules and such, and there\'s got to be some way of adding resonances. Are there any other cool editor features?

    What I\'m *really* interested in is the filtering options. GPO\'s #1 feature, aside from it\'s breadth and low-price, is the programming of its mod-wheel controlled expression. That feature is made possible by Kontakt\'s filters and control options. Will GS3\'s editor/engine be stronger in this area?

    The one hint that we will get better filtering is that the new EQ is a true parametric equalizer. If a similar feature is available from the editor, and it can be creatively controlled, future instruments may offer much improved real-time control.

    For those of us who like to program, we may get more legs out of our existing instruments. For developers, this means improvements in your next generation products.

    Any insights?

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    Re: GS3 Editor

    I think (though I can\'t garantee) the MIDI Rules or the high end automation settings will probably do just what you want it to do as best I can tell. On automating controllers, they can reverse the polarity, change the range or scale the range for any controller or combinations of these. Also, they are implementing high resoltuion controller options for 16383 divisions instead of 127. It will get closer to what you what anyway.
    I\'m noticing that it is still real simple to use, but for those who want to go very deep into it, one could teach a semester or two college course on 3.0. Its a very sophisticated and complex product if you want it to be.
    Take care

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