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Topic: GS 3/Gigapulse question

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    GS 3/Gigapulse question

    It appears from what I can gather from the Tascam website, that the Gigapulse SP that comes with GS 3 Orchestra is an NFX plug in, and not a VST. That would mean that you could not use the Gigapulse SP with non-giga tracks, and would have to purchase the VST version for this. Is this correct?

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    Re: GS 3/Gigapulse question

    GigaPulse Pro is included with GS3 Orchestra. This is an NFX plug-in that only works in GigaStudio. However, you can route audio from your sequencer into a GigaStudio input for processing through GigaPulse Pro. Or, you can purchase GigaPulse VST seperately and use that in your software.

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    Re: GS 3/Gigapulse question

    The GigaPulse that comes with GigaStudio is embeded in it as an NFX effect and is kernal level low latency. Its also more intimate with instruments in that you can have instrument body resonances that are triggered with MIDI and the settings can all load with an instrument. With GSIF-2 drivers, a GigaStudio can be used (up to 32 inputs) as an external effect unit and you can run external audio sources into it and run them through the GigaPulse or any VST plugins in the GigaStudio mixer. The other options is GigaPulse VST plugin that can be used in other programs. Perhaps they will consider a discount on that for 3.0 users. Its a separate product though.


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    Re: GS 3/Gigapulse question

    If you want a good impulse VST plugin, get


    Exit SIR (cheap, but too slow), Acoustic Mirror (only offline) and IR1 (too expensive)

    Since today, I\'m a believer, this thing rocks! Completely realtime and very good controls for adjusting envelope, width, etc etc. Up to 8 channels and only $ 105 until March 4.

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    Re: GS 3/Gigapulse question

    Thanks for the replies. I\'m playing with the demo of Voxengo, and It\'s nice, but doesn\'t have all the powerful features Gigapulse will have. Any info on the pricing of Gigapulse? Depending on the price, I may have to get the VST version.

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