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Topic: Program changes / Bank changes not supported?

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    Program changes / Bank changes not supported?

    How will programm changes work? I made several ours here to get a logic structure of that problem...

    Thanks for any hint!

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    Re: Program changes / Bank changes not supported?

    Bank changes don’t work in the current version of GS.

    Program change numbers are assigned when instruments are loaded in such a way that there are no duplicates. If the instrument number that’s in the gig is available, it will get that number. Otherwise it will be given the next free number. Saving the performance is crucial to maintain the program change numbers for a given setup.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Program changes / Bank changes not supported?

    Bill is right,

    only bank 0 works fine. The change of instruments in different banks does\'nt work.

    You can only influence the program number of the instruments by changing the patch number in the Patch Editor (instrument properties) or by the order of loading instruments in the GigaSampler. To avoid problems with program changes from your sequencer, it\'s one more reason to use the Save Performance function. So you get always the same program numbers for your instruments.

    But any way you see the actual program number of the loaded instrument in the layout-window as instrument number.


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    Re: Program changes / Bank changes not supported?

    to have program changes working you have to design a map of all the programs that you want to use ranging from 0-127.

    With the instrument editor you number the programs in all your instruments in such a way that each program gets its unique number.

    Make sure that no number appears twice because this will result in unpredictable program changes.

    That way program changes will work correctly in any performance.

    It is true (and it is annoying) that bank switching still does not work.


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