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Topic: So what's wrong with Audigy 2?

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    So what\'s wrong with Audigy 2?

    I\'m not on the payroll of Creative Labs, but, seriously, why isn\'t this card used by pros? The card now actually records in 24/96 (the previous version didn\'t), and seem respectably quiet and fast (low latency). I know that SB is a CPU-hog, but aside from that important fact, what else is REALLY wrong with this card??? Why shouldn\'t I buy one???


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    Re: So what\'s wrong with Audigy 2?

    Because it still doesn\'t do 16/44.1?

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: So what\'s wrong with Audigy 2?


    There is nothing wrong with the Audigy2 card. It really depends on what you want to do with it.

    If you run a great deal of audio then i would suggest another card on the basis that you would be using a dedicated sound card. Not the audigy which is a jack of all trades but doesnt fare as well when shifting heavy audio.

    I dont think there are many cards on the market that have the multimedia features of the Creative card. Its always been the so called \"Mutts nutts\" when it comes to gaming and multimedia. But after having one of the early soundblaster \"Flagship\" cards i couldnt get the machine to be as stable or effective as with my other systems that ran Pro cards.

    At the end of the day its really down to what YOU want the card for. I would hands down agree that its a fantastic card and is really good in cubase or any other app that needs a good low latency card. But if there were another card on offer...Something from the Delta range for example.. i would choose that. Its roughly the same price as the Live! but is a dedicated, no fuss, proffesional audio solution.

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    Re: So what\'s wrong with Audigy 2?

    Oh and it doesnt support GSIF yet. (except using very dodgy drivers)

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    Re: So what\'s wrong with Audigy 2?

    To be honest, all I\'ll ever be doing is sampled piano work. I DO have audigy 1, and the trouble with it is that the playback is not high fidelity. In other words, wav. files ripped to CD and played on my CD player sound demonstrably better than the wav. files played through the Audigy card. I suppose the D/A converter on the Audigy 1 card is subpar. But the verb effect is better than any plugin I\'ve ever heard. And obviously if I\'m doing a purely digital project the end result will be the same no matter what card I use. I\'m going to check out the Delta for myself. I feel I should have a pro card.


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