I am running a 400 MHz, 128 Mb RAM, Pent2 machine with Layla, CakewalkPro 9, and Giga Sampler LE all running on this one machine. I want to take full advantage of the 20 bit A/D of Layla and convert a midi drum part thru GS to a 20 bit wave in CWP9. I have GS hardwired thru Layla as a Channel 7/8 out to a Channel 1/2 input, and use the Echo Console input/output software mixer to set levels and control monitor volumes.

Problem #1 - Using the Echo Console, with a Channel ½ input level above 0db, the signal feedback and the drum lines and even the background noise start a digital scream. So input level is limited to 0 db. In CWP9, the input levels are low on the meter, and the resulting wave record is audible, but a straight line in track view. I Normalize to increase legible volume. How can I record the drums as a wave file with maximum input levels without increasing the mixer input above 0 db and creating digital feedback and horrible sound?

Problem #2 - Using a fresh CWP9 file with only a midi file open, in 16 bit record, the conversion of midi to wave thru GS works fine (except for the levels) with out drop out. If I set the recording resolution to 20 bit, the recording stops , i.e., drops out after the 1st measure. This is after a fresh defrag. How can I record in 20 bit without dropout??

Problem #3 - A possible work around would be to use Virtual Cables that would theoretically eliminate the hardwire and possibly the feedback through Layla. However, using the 1 channel demo of VC, I can not audition the drums, i.e., GS does not \"see the VC\", and CWP9 tells me that it limited to a 16 bit input. So, how can I convert midi to 20 bit audio thru GS using VC?

I am sending this to ProRec, Cakewalk, Echo, Nemesys, and VC. I am hopeful that someone in the group is a digital audio genius and can solve this apparent dilemma. Thank you all for your support!!!