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Topic: ram or diskstreaming confused..

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    ram or diskstreaming confused..

    sorry for asking this simple question.
    i was under the impression that the advantage of gigastudio was the ability to use unlimited large soundlibraries by using your harddrive as memory.
    from reading this forum i now understand that RAM also has a lot to do with it.
    ive got 512 mb . and its full in no time,
    so whats the deal with diskstreaming.and ram?


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    Re: ram or diskstreaming confused..

    GigaStudio needs to load in the first 64kb or so of all samples to be able to play it back instantly when you press a key.

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    Re: ram or diskstreaming confused..

    thank you simon.

    so thats why i need a lot of ram.
    now i understand it.

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