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Topic: Dual Xeon 1.8 or P4 2.8?

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    Dual Xeon 1.8 or P4 2.8?

    I\'m going to have a computer built, and I need to know if I should get a dual xeon 1.8 processor or a Pentium 4 2.8 processor with hyperthreading. I\'ll be running SONAR with Gigastudio, 1 gig. of ram and an echo mia midi soundcard.

    What should I do? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Dual Xeon 1.8 or P4 2.8?

    things right now are strange in the xeon world .
    normally they are much faster then the regular pentiums .but right now the 800 bus p4s are just as fast and in many cases faster. this is primarly beacause intel screwed up with the 7505 and and 7202 chipsets. they are still running at 533mhz.. on one program i use ( combustion- similar to adobe after effects) the rendering times on my asus p4c800 2.4 was a bit faster then then a dual xeon of the same speed . this i found surprising! if not astonishing . asus recently made a board that uses the xeon cpu with a 875 chipset . i would look at that. i predict the xeon chips willl go through another major revision soon. till then i am happy with the p4 800 bus.considering the price difference between the 2 cpus. also another tip the xeons running windows 2k also offer hypertreading
    (most people don\'t know this).
    hope some of this helps

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    Re: Dual Xeon 1.8 or P4 2.8?

    Don\'t expect to use hyperthreading with Gigastudio -- it doesn\'t work, and people have had to turn off HT just for gigastudio. Don\'t know about dual processor, but I suspect you\'ll have the same problem, since HT and dual CPU are the equivalent as far as the OS is concerned. Perhaps GS 3.0 will fix things, but that product doesn\'t even exist yet. Before dropping money, I\'d try to get an answer from Tascam (good luck), maybe through one of the users on these forums who seem to have contacts there. If you must spend the money, right now you\'re better off buying 2 PCs rather than dual CPU.

    - Keith

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