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Topic: 2.0 Time for delivery?(Download)

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    Re: 2.0 Time for delivery?(Download)

    Sorry guys. Yeah, Matt Libera and I were each up until about 1am uploading the updaters from our respective homes so it could be out first thing this morning. Hope you enjoy it. For those of you who are current users, we're working on the iLok authorization transfer system.

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    Re: 2.0 Time for delivery?(Download)

    The install went smooth and the new features are great.
    I especially like the hover (=) equals pitch for chords.

    Note: the click-delete utilizes the forward-delete and not the backspace delete key (Mac).

    Thank you.

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    Re: 2.0 Time for delivery?(Download)


    I am very excited about this upgrade. I am on the road and won't be back to my studio until the end of August, but this seems like great stuff



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