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Topic: Post Production nightmare!

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    Post Production nightmare!

    Hi all,I\'m having a bit of a nightmare with a short film I\'m working on - which needs to be finished tonight! Due to very low budget there is no sound editor, only one editor. I supplied him with a 44.1khz 16bit wav file which he imported to Avid and recorded to VHS. When he played it back there were a lot of wierd pitch shifting sounds. Does anyone know why this is (it sounded ok on my pc). He said that I might need to record it at 48khz, if so, should I record them fresh at the new sample rate (I\'m using giga and cubase) or can I just resmaple from 44.1khz. Please can anyone offer any advice. Thanks, Doug.

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    Re: Post Production nightmare!

    You can just resample. But I don\'t see how that explains the issue. The editors did something to your mix. Is this going from a PC to a Mac Avid rig? Try giving them an AIFF, if so.

    Did they try some subtle time-shifting and not tell you?

    Good luck. This is a very peculiar problem.

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    Re: Post Production nightmare!

    Thanks for your reply Bruce. As far as I know the editor initially tried layering the same track to hit certain frames (I\'ve only seen two cuts), but said he has the same problem when they are isolated. It didn\'t help by the fact that he sent me a 12fps avi file when I needed 25fps, but I\'m pretty sure this wouldn\'t affect the music. Anyway, from what you\'ve said I think the problem must have arisen his end... Thanks again, Doug.

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