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Topic: MAC G5

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    MAC G5

    Been hearing wonderful things about the G5 -- and I don\'t want to turn this into a Mac vs. PC thread -- but the latest benchmark tests show the Athlon 64 blowing the G5 out of the water in most applications without much of a struggle.

    I love Macs AND PCs, but you\'d think Apple would at least have tried for something that might push the envelope a bit more. I was extremely excited about the G5, but have to admit that the feeling has waned in light of those tests...

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    Re: MAC G5

    c`mon. Are u really that surprized? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: MAC G5

    All I want is to be able to load 8GB of samples instead of 1.05GB, alongside four Altiverbs (or maybe Space Designers or GigaPulses?), and never run out of voices. I\'ll leave the rest of those meaningless benchmarks to the computer dorks!

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    Re: MAC G5

    By the way, am I right that you can\'t buy machines with Athlon 64s? What\'s more, neither Windows nor any soft sampler has been updated to run on a 64-bit OS? I\'m sure G5s will be bigger better more more more next year too.

    What I\'m dealing with is that *today* every computer seems like the wrong investment! That will probably have changed in a few weeks, but right now things are very unsettled.

    The software hasn\'t caught up with the hardware hasn\'t caught up with the software hasn\'t caught up with the hardware...

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    Re: MAC G5

    You probably can\'t buy machines with the Athlon 64, but you can surely build them. And you don\'t have to worry about software catching up -- the 64s are backwards compatible.

    I might have to build one AND buy a G5...

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    Re: MAC G5

    Here\'s a link to an interesting article comparing performance of a variety of Athlon 64 and Pentium 4\'s including the EE:


    The month-old article specifies all the various off-the-shelf motherboards and parts used and includes timing a few real-world tasks like encoding mp3s and videos to running popular video games. Unfortunately, no G4 tests however.


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