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Topic: BEOS 5.0 free! What if....

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    BEOS 5.0 free! What if....

    Beos 5.0 free!!
    What if Nemesys would bundle and tune Beos for dedicated Gigasampler/studio machines?

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    Re: BEOS 5.0 free! What if....

    The upcoming version of Be\'s operating system will be free, for personal, non-commercial use.

    Also, it is a not the full version, if you can sort through their double-speak ad copy.

    From their FAQ:

    Q: Does BeOS 5 contain everything in the current release?

    A: Not everything, no, but it\'s fully functional and isn\'t a demonstration version -- it really works. We do plan to offer for sale an expanded edition of BeOS 5 containing a variety of special software components and other valuable utilities.

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    Re: BEOS 5.0 free! What if....

    I don\'t want to start a thread over this but GS came to mind when I read this from the be.com website faq:

    Q: What does this do to the market for third-party products?
    A: We hope that users and potential users will react favorably. This shift should give developers more control over their own marketing because they will have the ability to bundle BeOS 5 with their applications on extremely favorable terms, making it possible for them to ship complete, stand-alone packages at attractive prices. Also, if by offering BeOS free over the Internet we are able to expand our customer base, then this would benefit developers as well

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    Re: BEOS 5.0 free! What if....

    Cool. I hadn\'t read that far in the FAQ.

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    Re: BEOS 5.0 free! What if....

    Just think of it:
    You run your usual Win (office) apps and when it is time to lay down some tracks you simply click the Beos icon, and Win shuts down to give the floor to the Beos environment (same HD) on top of which runs GS (samples from another HD) and ...Logic


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    Re: BEOS 5.0 free! What if....

    This realy sound\'s like an opportunity that NemeSys should seriously concider.

    Allso, on an erlier thread you said that you were close friends with the BeOs development team.

    I have no idea how hard or even how time consuming it is to realese GigaSampler BeOs version, but it surley sounds very atractive.

    Then there is the bug thing when you realase a first version or in this case wanting to adapt the current software in to another Os.

    Courios to here from Dave or anybody ells from NemeSys on this point!

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    Re: BEOS 5.0 free! What if....

    Sorry, I am not related at all to Beos dev. team. Just saw some potential - as an outsider - to give GS more control over its own environment.

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    Re: BEOS 5.0 free! What if....

    Hi Guys

    Check out www.begroovy.com. Its a forum thats not a million miles different from this one. OR www.beeurope.com for the official european site for info.

    It doesn\'t look all that promising to be honest. There is a good review in Sound on Sound magazine though but reading between the lines, It would need a huge shift from music manufacturers to help as well a bigger lift up from the Media/Broadcast people.

    I have run version 4.5 and I have to admit that it looks like a very nice piece of macintosh. Tons better than windoze..


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    Re: BEOS 5.0 free! What if....

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by elle:
    Sorry, I am not related at all to Beos dev. team. Just saw some potential - as an outsider - to give GS more control over its own environment.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Elle, I\'m sorry for my bad choise of words I didn\'t mean that you were associated wtith BE, what I meant is that a month or so back in time someone from NemeSys (can\'t remeber who it was) said that they are good friend\'s with the Be dev. team, and that they are looking in to the possibilities of adapting the giga software in the future for this OS.

    By the way an excellente discussion thread.

    Cheers, Mike!

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    Re: BEOS 5.0 free! What if....


    Just been trying to find out about Steinbergs Nuendo package. It will be shown at NAMM (I\'m poor so won\'t be goin) and will retail at around $1299. It is slated to start on NT (wonder if that also includes windoze 2K) then eventually onto BeOS

    Nuendo for those who don\'t know is a super dooper version of Phewbase with 5.1 suround and a bias towards Media production as opposed to Music (though it will do it)

    Check out www.steinberg.de/nuendo/

    Hope this has been worthwhile for people.


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