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Topic: Laptop + Indigo + Giga = Latency!

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    Laptop + Indigo + Giga = Latency!

    Hey Folks -

    I am running a new 2.4 Ghz latop, with XP. I have a noticeable (500 ms?) latency when running Giga. I now know its not my midi interface (though I had that problem too). What steps can I take to optimize to eliminate this problem? I\'m spoiled by my desktop giga machine - no detectable latency at ALL! Is the Tascam U122 (also GSIF) a better way to go? I know there are tutorials out there on the web - please feel to just point me in the right direction...

    Thanks for your help,


    aka fanagiga!

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    Re: Laptop + Indigo + Giga = Latency!


    I have the same idea.
    I use Giga/Desktop PC and would like to have another laptop (on the road).

    But there are many problems:
    1. The latency of the card (I\' ve bought the Tascam US-122)
    2. Giga need a very fast harddrive for the .gig files. It is a shame to use the internal laptop drive, you must have an external Firewire or USB2 drive. (7200 rpm)

    For your problem, I just can tell you that I hesitated between Indigo and US-122 but the GSIF support is maybe more stable with Tascam .....
    Sorry, I can\' t send you my opinion because I\' m waiting for my laptop .....

    Best Regards

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    Re: Laptop + Indigo + Giga = Latency!

    Chouine -

    I am happy, though a bit embarassed, to announce that I may have solved my own problem. I read on another forum that latency issues can be caused by having too large a sample buffer on the sound card. My problem magically disappeared, and then I was able to reproduce it by increasing the size of the sample buffer. Then, when I reduced it to the minimum, it restored the near-zero latency that I am now experiencing reproducibly, even when I pipe the midi signal to through Logic, Maple Midi Tools, and finally into Giga. All of this while streaming off my laptop\'s hard drive. Hope this helps...



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    Re: Laptop + Indigo + Giga = Latency!


    I\'m glad for you !
    I have a little question: do you use only the laptop hardrive for giga and .gig files ?

    Best Regards

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    Re: Laptop + Indigo + Giga = Latency!

    Chouine -

    Much to my suprise, I am currently \'getting away with it\', using just my laptop drive. I have gotten 120 voices (or more?) but I haven\'t really pushed it with many samples at once. I can say that I can play the Gigapiano live without noticing any performance deficit. I suspect that when I try to record some audio too, or load more complex performance sets, I may have some trouble, but so far, so good. When that happens, I will get a firewire drive...

    Best of luck with your work,


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    Re: Laptop + Indigo + Giga = Latency!

    Waou !
    Amazing ..... !
    Good Luck ....... !


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    Re: Laptop + Indigo + Giga = Latency!

    For your problem, I just can tell you that I hesitated between Indigo and US-122 but the GSIF support is maybe more stable with Tascam .....
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I\'m not sure how stable the GSIF support is on the US-122, but ALL the Echo products have very solid GSIF, that works well even with other protocols running. So have no fear of the Echo products, for anyone who\'s considering them.


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