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Topic: New Latency problem!!!!!

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    New Latency problem!!!!!

    Hi all,

    I hoping someone can help me with this problem. All of the sudden, I now have significant latency (playing live or in playback mode) between sequence computer and giga machines. Up until today it was just one of my gigas - now it is both. I have tried restarting to no avail.

    I have the RME digi card (up to now has been flawless.) I use Gina 24 sound cards on both gigas. Running XP Home all around.

    Does anyone have any suggestions??


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    Re: New Latency problem!!!!!

    I should have mentioned that I have the RME Digi 9652 with the latest 2.05 driver.

    This is maddening. I haven\'t added anything to the system and yet now I have this latency (just started up yesterday on one machine and today on the second - now both have the latency issue) with both giga machines!!!

    PS: for this particuliar cue I am running an Akai 5000 and JV 1080 - both with no delay!! So you would think that would isolate it to the giga\'s Gina 24 soundcards, right?


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    Re: New Latency problem!!!!!

    Hi Rob, hope this isn\'t too simple of a suggestion but have you checked the sound card latency settings again? Sometimes a driver installation resets the device. Their might be some obscure setting on your card; different sample rate or something....

    You could also try rolling back to an earlier driver and see if the problem goes away...

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    Re: New Latency problem!!!!!

    Hi Scott,

    Yea, it\'s confirmed, I am an Idiot!!!!!!! You were right on with that. I did recently update the driver and it automatically threw me from 128 samples to 2,068!

    Thanks my friend!

    By any remote chance, do you use SX. I am trying to figure out the \"direct montioring\" option in SX. I know my RME 9652 digi card will do it. Right now I \'monitor\' during writing and when I want to render I simply send giga (via lightpipe) to the RME card - I just can\'t seem to figure out how to do this \'monitoring\' during the composing stage.

    Regardless, thanks for getting me straigtened out.


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    Re: New Latency problem!!!!!

    Hehehe, it happens to the best of us! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I do use SX but am not in front of it right now... I actually dont think I have Direct Monitoring enabled. However, you got ME curious enough to check it out when I get home... Sorry I know this doesnt help you!


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    Re: New Latency problem!!!!!

    Hi Scott,

    I tried to check on the SX boards but they were down yesterday. Maybe we will discover the benefits of \'direct montioring\' together. I use gina cards (with analog outputs to an analog board) for monitoring during writing and then when I want to render to audio I send via lightpipe out of gina\'s to my RME card on the SX computer. I am always looking for a more efficient set-up. Talk to you soon.


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    Re: New Latency problem!!!!!

    Hi Rob, well I am happy to explore that option with you.

    I\'m still trying to get my head around the process to be honest!


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