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Topic: Grey Midi Indicators?

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    Grey Midi Indicators?

    Hey Folks -

    I had Giga working just fine with Logic, Maple on my laptop. Then I installed the latest Indigo drivers, and suddenly my midi boxes are grey, and I can\'t input. Even though I can still select the maple inputs. Any ideas?



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    Re: Grey Midi Indicators?

    I think that there\'s an issue with DirectX 9 and Echo drivers, I\'ve run into that problem before, I run Mia\'s on all my machines, and killed GS by installing DX9 on one.

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    Re: Grey Midi Indicators?

    There is a problem with later echo drivers it seems. (Not only DX9 related) I recently had the same \"greyed out\" midi problem with a gina20 card installed, latest echo driver and no DX9. Solved it by installing older drivers.

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    Re: Grey Midi Indicators?

    Thanks for the help guys - strangely, re-installing GIGA solved the problem. Perhaps the new ECHO driver (6.10 Indigo driver) installation messed with the GIGA .ini entries or something? I thought I would post this in case anyone else ever encounters the same problem.



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