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Topic: Newbie Sound Card?

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    Newbie Sound Card?

    I\'m a newbie to synths and samplers and wanted to know what would be the best sound card to go with. I\'ve checked out the forums here and have read mixed reviews about the M-Audio Audiophile and the Echo MiaMidi.

    I\'m looking to hook up a Roland PC-200 to a card to record through Gigastudio/Halion/Cubase SX/Cakewalk (not sure which of the 4 to get yet..any personal opinions on which work best would be apppreciated)

    For the buck, which one is better(as far as latency and driver compatability w/my XP OS)?

    I\'m running the \"standard\" Creative Labs card and heard that it doesn\'t work with samplers such as Gigastudio and Halion (w/out latency issues).

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Newbie Sound Card?

    You need to check out Sonar\'s list of recommended sound card, and check out Gigastudio\'s list of supported sound cards (GSIF) and pick the card that is present in both list.

    Personally, I picked the Wami Rack 192L. It can do EWDM,MME,ASIO,GSIF.

    Creative doesn\'t support GSIF so you cannot run Gigastudio with it... plus it just plain sucks. It\'s good enough for gaming and \"You\'ve got mail\" soundbites, but not for recording.

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