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Topic: Giga straight to Logic?

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    Giga straight to Logic?

    Hey Folks -

    OK, tryin\' to be too tricky for my own good: I am running Logic 5.5 and Giga on a laptop; i don\'t have a GSIF compatible interface, and the one I want is on back order. Is there some way to trick Giga into thinking that there is an interface, because all I really want to do is route the signal straight into Logic from Giga. Even if I need a GSIF card to do this, can I still do this routing?



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    Re: Giga straight to Logic?

    I usually do a render to wav in Giga and then import the resulting audio file into Logic. Is there a particular reason you want to do it the way you described?


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    Re: Giga straight to Logic?

    If you have a Wami Rack sound card, yes you can do that routing without any need for wires.

    I\'m doing the same thing with Sonar and Giga.

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    Re: Giga straight to Logic?

    Hi Guys - thanks for the replies. The reason I want to do things the way I described is that, on my laptop, I have a very simple interface. I don\'t see why the sound even needs to leave the digital domain (i.e. via a sound card) when I could just pipe the signal internally from Giga into Logic. The goal is to sequence in Logic, have Giga play the sequence back as Logic records it, one track at a time.


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    Re: Giga straight to Logic?

    The \"Capture to Wave\" function in GS should do the trick. Click the record button in GS, then start your sequence. When finished, press stop on GS and it will create the wave file for you. Then you would use the \"Import Audio File\" command in Logic. It stays in digital domain that way. The only thing you may need to do is edit the start point of the imported wave file.


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