We\'ve been using ATX cases and supplies for years, but in 2004 we will start seeing BTX form-factor PCs.

What does this mean for audio?

* We\'ll probably lose PCI slots, but with USB 2.0 and 1394 built into the motherboards, who cares? As long as we get one slot for our pro audio cards, we\'re probably covered.

* BTX has better heat management than ATX, so quiet PC solutions will become more mainstream. This is good!

* BTX parts should fit more easily in rack mount solutions. The case heights are 3.0 inches and 3.98 inches, which aren\'t exact multiples of rack units, but would fit in 2RU and 3RU spaces respectively. The article doesn\'t mention the lengths, but if it\'s 17\" or under, we\'re covered. A quiet 2RU Giga 3.0 PC at volume pricing sounds good to me!

For more details here\'s an article from AnandTech.