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Topic: midi signal lost when sequencer launches

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    midi signal lost when sequencer launches

    basic specs: WXP home, midiman audiophile, 1.1 Athlon, gig of ram.

    When I launch Cakewalk 9 from GS, I lose the midi signal, can\'t play GS from my roland keyboard. Close CW and signal comes back. I can play GS.

    Midi echo is on Auto in CW.

    Can anyone help?


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    Re: midi signal lost when sequencer launches

    No takers... I don\'t use CW and I don\'t sequence GS by starting the sequencer in GS, BUT....

    Make sure in CW youhave the \"Nemesys Port1/2\" MIDI devices enabled. MIDI thru should be on, as you\'ve noted. Create a MIDI track and set the outpu device to \"Nemesys Port 1\" or port 2, wherever your performance is loaded. Assuming your input device is also configured properly you should hear GS. This basic configuration applies to probably 99.9% of all MIDI sequencing apps out there, which is why I\'m suggesting it...

    If you still don\'t hear GS, go back to GS and make sure you see MIDI input in the MIDI mixer tab (the meter on one of your GS channels should o up and down). If you have MIDI input in GS but no sound, go back to CW and make sure you haven\'t enabled an audio device that you\'re intending to use with GS. This shouldn\'t happen, but I guess CW could conceivably steal the audio device from CW, depending on how the device is implemented.

    - Keith

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    Re: midi signal lost when sequencer launches

    Thanks for the attempt, Keith. I don\'t suppose a lot of people want to take a shot at it. I posted this problem on the TASCAM forum and had a few similarly helpful people (no Admins, tho) give it go to no avail. All the settings you mentioned were as you suggested, and I\'m not getting a level in GS. From your comments, I also tried launching CW before GS or w/out using the seq. button in GS but that didn\'t do it.

    Interestingly, I got it to work with Cubase for a while (not presently, tho for some reason), but I couldn\'t figure out how to edit midi easily in that program. I\'m half afraid my mind can\'t make the leap from hardware sequencer to PC sequencing.

    Regardless, it SHOULD work with CW9, and it kinda has to since my copy of Cubase is a \"bootleg\" and I\'m not gonna work with it permanantly unless I buy it, and I can\'t buy it really if I don\'t understand how to work with the midi in it. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

    Why can\'t they make a hardware Gigastudio? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks again, Keith.
    - Chris

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