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Topic: RME - HDSP9652

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    RME - HDSP9652

    Hello all,
    This might be a really dumb question but I really need some assistance. I have an XP (Cubase SX) box with the RME HDSP 9652 and I can\'t get sound from the ADAT outs on the card. I am running it directly from the ADAT 1 out into a FINALIZER optical in (by-passing a mixer). I can get sound from S/PDIF out only and not the ADAT outputs.

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    Re: RME - HDSP9652

    Does the FINALISER support ADAT?

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    Re: RME - HDSP9652

    I don\'t know if it does...I had assumed that an ADAT optical cable would \"flatten\" to stereo if one device was not ADAT type. The FINALIZER\'s optical is TOS-LINK.
    Thanks Richard

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    Re: RME - HDSP9652

    ADAT and S/PDIF both use TOS-LINK.
    So if your FINALIZER\'s TOS-LINK is for S/PDIF only, you won\'t be able to use it for ADAT. If it is switchable to ADAT, or if it is ADAT only, then you can use it for ADAT.

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    Re: RME - HDSP9652

    Thanks Luigi

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