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Topic: Memory

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    OK, so I\'m about to order my first computer for Gigastudio. As I understand it, under Win XP, there isn\'t much point installing any more than 2GB of RAM since the operating system will limit what Giga can use to 1GB anyway. The question is how to install 2GB.

    I could install 4 sticks of 512MB each, but I\'ve heard reports that using all four slots on the motherboard will actually slow the system down rather than speeding it up. I could install 2 sticks of 1GB each, but it\'s way more expensive, and I\'ve heard a lot of rumours that the first wave of 1GB sticks aren\'t working terribly well.

    Can anyone advise me on what to do?

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    Re: Memory

    Hi, 4 sticks of 512 are fine. Anyone that tells you they can spot the difference in performance probably claim they can HEAR the difference between 44.1 and 48 kHz too. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Also, having 512 sticks are a bit more flexible if you want to beef up a subsequent DAW down the track.

    Finally, the 2gb limit is imposed to; 2gb kernel mode and 2gb application mode, so technically you could go over and above if you wanted.

    Honestly though, I have 1gb in my main DAW, 446ram in my second and they take an amazing amount of punishing.

    Depending on your style of music, and amount of FX applied, the CPU might tax itself first anyway.

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    Re: Memory

    Hey Guys - Hope you don\'t mind the tagalong post, but I am running Giga on my Windows 98SE machine, and was always under the impression that more than 512MB won\'t do me any good - is that true? What version of Windows do I need to go up to in order to access more memory? I had to waste my 1GHz Pentium on a bloated OS.



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    Re: Memory

    You can use up to 1GB under Windows 9x. Just make sure your Vcache settings in your SYSTEM.INI file are set properly. Something like:


    will work well.

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