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Topic: Bad line into headphone?

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    Bad line into headphone?

    Hi all, after I switched computers and begun to use Echo MiaMidi my headphone has only played through one \"ear\" - however, I tried just now to take the plug little out of the out jacket on MiaMidi and now I hear in both ears. Is it ok to use this in this way? Or is something wrong with the line from the headphone to the MiaMidi? Or could this be the MiaMidi?

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    Re: Bad line into headphone?

    It\'s the headphone jack; if it were the wire, it wouldn\'t work when you pull the plug out. The problem with pulling the plug out is that you\'re probably only hearing mono.

    Sometimes you can fix these jacks with a paperclip or something similar. Bend about 1/8\" at a right angle at the end. The conductor that springs out to make contact with the tip of the plug (at the bottom of the \"bulb\") needs to be bent out again.

    (I\'m using American terms: jack=female, plug=male.)

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