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Topic: bluetooth: compatible with Giga & vst's?

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    bluetooth: compatible with Giga & vst\'s?

    I\'m considering a wireless keyboard & mouse to reduce wire clutter. Will the extra processor load, if any, conflict with musical apps, that is, reduce polyphony, etc?


    Uncle Bob

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    Re: bluetooth: compatible with Giga & vst\'s?

    Do not... I repeat... do not get the wireless keyboards with the Bluetooth. I just returned three of them to Microsoft for a refund. They were a nightmare. Bluetooth is not ready for prime time. In fact, while I was in line at CompUSA in my vain attempt to return them without paying a 15% restocking fee, two other people came up in line behind me to return the same Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop with Bluetooth that I was attempting to return.

    Go with the standard infrared wireless keyboard and mouse. They work great.


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    Re: bluetooth: compatible with Giga & vst\'s?

    Thanks for the heads-up. I can\'t help wondering about the nature of the problem(s) you had with the bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse?????

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    Re: bluetooth: compatible with Giga & vst\'s?

    One problem is that the Bluetooth is a USB device. That means that your keyboard and mouse are not active until Windows actually boots. However, if you get past that then you\'ll find that sometimes the Bluetooth simply does not recognize your keyboard and mouse... or worse, they lose contact while you\'re working. You have to remove the Bluetooth from its holder and then plug it back in to fix the problem. Sometimes you have to do this three or four times or simply shut down and restart (which is challenging without an active keyboard or mouse).

    I had all these same problems with three computers, so it\'s not something that was malfunctioning in one particular keyboard/mouse combo.

    OTOH, I switched the to standard infrared and I\'ve had not one single problem with any of the three of them. The only drawback is that the infrared receiver only works at a distance of up to 6ft while the Bluetooth is supposed to work at up to 30ft. But I really can\'t tell what\'s on the screen from 30ft away so it\'s no biggie.


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    Re: bluetooth: compatible with Giga & vst\'s?

    Wow. Bluetooth sounds like a sibling of Windoze.
    The last thing I need is something else that doesn\'t work. Thanks for the heads up!

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