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Topic: Behringer B2031 vs. M-Audio BX-8 Monitors

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    Behringer B2031 vs. M-Audio BX-8 Monitors

    I\'ve heard some great things about the Behringers, but was originally thinking about buying some BX8 studio monitors. Don\'t tell me to buy Mackies, cause I can\'t afford them, unless they\'re $400 or under. Also, are the Behringers self powered? How big are the sweet spots on each? I\'m getting ready to buy some monitors, and I want to do this right for my first pair. Anyone with experience would be helpful. Thanks.


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    Re: Behringer B2031 vs. M-Audio BX-8 Monitors

    I started with BX-8s but the highs cooked my head (small space). I went to the BX-5s and am in heaven (with a subwoofer [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

    Check out this thread on the Auxbuss forum for the details of my travails: http://www.auxbuss.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=159&highl ight=maudio

    I highly recommened the BX line - looking foward to installing a full 5.1 surround system.

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    Re: Behringer B2031 vs. M-Audio BX-8 Monitors

    Thanks for the info. It seems like you\'re not the only one saying that BX8\'s make your ears bleed. There\'s a Guitar Center store about 40 minutes from my house (and a Guitar Center distribution center about 5 minutes away, HA!). I would definitely like to go down there and check out their selection.

    So in full, how much did you pay for the BX5\'s? Would you consider GC a good place to buy studio monitors? I\'ve seen some good deals online. Should I just demo them at the store, THEN buy them online? HAHA. Anyways, thanks.


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    Re: Behringer B2031 vs. M-Audio BX-8 Monitors

    Well, I was at Guitar Center today and listened to the BX5\'s and BX8\'s. I was very surprised to see the size difference. The BX5\'s look like shelf system speakers in an office. When the BX8\'s were turned on, they about made my ears bleed, cause the settings weren\'t configured. I asked him to turn it to -4db, and it sounded much better. The BX5\'s sounded thin, cause of their natural small size. The BX8\'s had more bottom end, and made all the lows come out more. I personally think the BX8\'s may be the way to go, but I never got a chance to hear the Behringer 2031B\'s. They didn\'t carry them. Well, this is what I came across. Any more input from anybody is fine. Thanks.


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    Re: Behringer B2031 vs. M-Audio BX-8 Monitors

    My guess is that the BX-5 were improperly set as well. GC is OK by me. Used them in D.C. with no fuss and no muss.

    As an aside, you may want to move the comment from your site that you have \"zillions\" of MP3s.

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    Re: Behringer B2031 vs. M-Audio BX-8 Monitors


    Not sure if you\'ve purchased your monitors yet but you may want to check out the Yorkville YSM1 (or YSM1p-powered) monitors first. I AB\'d them against the Behringer before I bought mine and they were phenomenally accurate nearfields - extremely flat response without colouring the sound. To me, that\'s what you want from a monitor - so you can hear the inadequacies in your mix. IMHO, The Behringer\'s are more harsh sounding and after a while, you do get ear fatigue.

    Here\'s a link to their website.


    Best of luck with your search,


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    Re: Behringer B2031 vs. M-Audio BX-8 Monitors

    I\'ve been using the BX8\'s for a few days and am very happy with them.

    Houston is right though, they are LOUD! I rolled the bass off below 47hz and set the hi-rolloff to -2db.

    I have the speakers patched into a Delta 44 sound card and set the card to -12db in the software mixer. This seems to be adequate for normal monitoring and when I want to hear a mix in all it\'s glory I bring it up to 0db.

    The only thing that worries me at the moment is that I think I ran hear a rattle in the left hand tweeter. I have read two online reviews where users had to take one speaker back for a problem like this.

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