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Topic: Going Lightpipe

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    Going Lightpipe

    Hey all,

    I\'m thinking of connecting my giga/soft synth (total of 3) workstations to my main DAW (Sonar)via light pipe. I current have a mixture of echo devices (gina, mona) with adat capabilities. So now I need a device with multiple adat inputs for my DAW. Any hardware recommendations? Also, any recommendations or cautions as to what I\'m trying to do overall?

    Also, I\'ve heard that by doing this I can apply effects on my DAW (like from Powercore or UAD-1) onto the incomming adat signal - is this true?


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    Re: Going Lightpipe

    Try the RME Hammerfall 9652. It has 24 channels of ADAT I/O and you can add more for more $$$. At around $500 it ain\'t cheap, but it is very effective. Another alternative are the MOTU 424-based systems. Again, not cheap, but very effective. I have both and am very pleased with them.

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    Re: Going Lightpipe

    Maybe check out frontierdesign.com

    Dakota/Montana cards give you 4 lightpipes each way with channel patching, very handy.

    They also have a big lightpipe patchbay, though it only patches 8 channels at a time.

    If you hook lots of digital stuff together you will need to get your wordclock synchronization together, could be easy or expensive, depending on your required topology & other voodoo.

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    Re: Going Lightpipe

    Thanks for the tips guys. I\'ll check out the hammerfall and frontierdesign stuff.

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