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Topic: GS with event Gina and Cakewalk 9.o

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    GS with event Gina and Cakewalk 9.o

    GS is installed, directX disabled, and multiclient audio checked in Gina. 1/2 analog outputs selected in GS and disabled in Cake, but endless wave doesen\'t appear available in cake ports.
    I\'m using 5.02 echo driver.
    Please, I need some advice

    lobinho. ecortina@radar.com.ar

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    Re: GS with event Gina and Cakewalk 9.o

    I just set up my system and I\'m also using Cakewalk 9.0 and Gina. Before I start I just wanted to know what versions I should have of each.
    Should I upgrade to the latest Giga Cakewalk and Gina drivers or do certain versions work better together than others. Thanks for the help.

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