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Topic: Giga and 96K

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    Giga and 96K

    I\'m running a Creamware Luna card with SFP 3.1c and the GSIF driver loaded into my \"project\". When I use Gigastudio in Win 98SE, I can run Giga at 96K no problem but when I boot from my Win XP pro SP1a partition, 96K doesn\'t even appear in the drop-down menu in Gigastudio. Does anyone know if this is a Giga problem or Creamware problem? Anyone else running Giga at 96K on Windows XP?
    Thanks (I need to get this working)

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    Re: Giga and 96K

    I would suggest to ask the question on www.planetz.com/forums

    I bet there is a bunch of people that will answer gladly

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    Re: Giga and 96K

    Gigastudio does not/never has supported 96K!
    As of yet anyways, maybe V3 will!

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    Re: Giga and 96K

    Seclusion is quite right. No 96k for Giga. You\'re only choice right now would be to go with 48k for Giga and get some sort of hardware sample rate converter. Not a cheap or an easy solution at all.



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    Re: Giga and 96K

    I have sample rate a convertor built into my ESI WaMiRack 24. So, in essence, you CAN have higher frequency output. However, considering the source, I\'m not sure that\'s of great benefit. An exception would be for the later processing you could do in a DAW, but if that\'s the case, you could/should convert on import to the program.

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    Re: Giga and 96K

    Using WinXP here - no problems with the WaMiRack 24...

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    Re: Giga and 96K

    Houston Haynes:
    In the screenshot you provided in your post, it clearly shows that 96K is available as a choice in the sample drop-down menu. Are you running Windows XP or 98SE? I run a Creamware Luna card and in Win 98SE, the 96K samplerate shows up as an option and works (although I\'m not sure why) but in Windows XP, 96k doesn\'t even show up as an option. Have you ever tried using Gigastudio at 96K with your Wami card?

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