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Topic: Advantages with Multiple Soundcards?

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    Advantages with Multiple Soundcards?


    I was thinking about purchasing the M-Audio BX8 Studio Monitors later on this year (I can\'t afford the Mackies yet...$600 a piece). Anyways, I have my Audiophile 24/96 right now, and I absolutely LOVE IT! I use every single jack on it, including the SPDIF I/O. I have my headphones, mic preamp, computer surround sound, and DVD audio hooked up. I was thinking about purchasing another M-Audio soundcard since they were designed for a stackable interface, but I don\'t know which one I should buy. The only real reason I can think of the buy it is for the studio monitors. Would an extra one also help my latency or other issues with sampling in Gigastudio? I also like to do open mic stuff, and plan to purchase multiple mics down the road (some cardiod, others dynamic).
    Is another soundcard the right choice, and if so....which one? I prefer to look at M-Audio products, since my experience with them has been great. I\'ve heard the Delta 1010 LT although being top notch, has problems with Gigastudio. Also, don\'t tell me to get an Omni Drive yet, considering that\'s out of my budget. I\'ll probably look on ebay or newegg.com. Just need some opinions..thanks. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Jared Hudson

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    Re: Advantages with Multiple Soundcards?

    Hi Jared ,

    I have a giga system with 2 soundcards..one is the Egosys Wamirack24 and the other is a Hammerfall
    9652. Everything works fine except you can\'t use both souncards at the same time.
    You\'\'ll need to assign the outputs of Giga in the setting page to access either card.

    Hope this helps a bit


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    Re: Advantages with Multiple Soundcards?

    I haven\'t had any problems with the Delta 1010 LT.

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    Re: Advantages with Multiple Soundcards?

    I have an M-Audio TDIF card and I like it. One thing to watch out for if you use Sonar on XP is mixing cards with MME and WDM drivers. I\'ve stopped using an Aark card (which I was also quite fond of) for just that reason.

    Multiple cards are nice if you use multiple audio apps. I like to point giga at one card and do my wav recording on another. Same when I bounce out of Sonar to edit a track with Sound Forge. You\'re probably better off not mixing card manufacturers if you can... fewer drivers.


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