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Topic: hard drive capacity

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    hard drive capacity

    How large a Hard Drive can be used effectively to store and run .gig files from? I am currently using an 80 GB HD with an 8MB cache. Could I go up to a 120 GB drive? Also, would it be helpful if the drive that the Gigastudio program is on also had an 8MB cache? Currently I am running the program on a 20GB HD which has only 2MB cache. WOuld it make things run better?


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    Re: hard drive capacity

    > Could I go up to a 120 GB drive?


    > WOuld it make things run better

    Hard to say. It can\'t hurt.

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    Re: hard drive capacity

    I\'m installing multiple 200GBs and recently a 250GB. I\'ve been installing 180s since the first VSL library came out...they work great! I think the 200s give you more bang for your buck right now at about $1 per GB. You need an ATA/PCI controller card for your system to see a drive larger than 137 GB (about $30). Stick with the JB series of Western Digital. Only drive that still has a three year warrantee...and meets all the GS minimums. Cheers, jc

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